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  • Thanks @ k4kcom, the info you posted helped me out.

    I didn’t have much luck with the ‘Photo Express for Google’ plugin. Couldn’t get it to display private albums (I believe my oAuth info was correct.) Seems others have also experienced problems with this plugin under the current G+/Picasa/Google Photos state of flux.

    I found an easier way to get the required info. This assumes you are using the Firefox browser with Live Bookmarks enabled. Posting here as it may help others:

    1. Authenticate to

    2. Type one of the following URLs into the same browser used to authenticate:

    To display private albums”>

    To display all albums

    With FF and ‘Live Bookmarks’ enabled, the XML data will automatically be parsed within the browser page. Your user id will be displayed in a large font at the top of the screen and your albums listed below that.

    3. All you need to do now is hover over the album you are interested in, right click and choose ‘Copy Link Location’

    4. Paste the link to a text editor and modify it so it is in the correct format as listed in the post above. (i.e.…)

    This does not work anymore… problem is that the album can not be marked for private sharing only with link exactly the same as in picasa…

    ^ If you upload the photos via the Picasa desktop app you can still set the album to be ‘share with link’.

    Almost, but not quite; you need a few extra hacks. The problem is that the above solution will forward you to a Picasa page… from which Shashin was able to extract the RSS feed URL. Now Google is very mean and does a permanent redirect to a completely different page, on Google Photos, where you have no chance to figure out the RSS feed. Worse than that, the way you managed to get private links for Picasa Albums also changed; public is not ‘really public’. I’ve checked this with one Google dev: the problem they had is that people had the ability to extract RSS feeds without being authenticated (which is exactly what we want to have!!), so Google was worried about that possibility (i.e. sharing things that were never intended to share), and made the extraction of a RSS feed much, much harder, although old feeds are supposed to work well.

    Shashin, however, does not use the RSS feed directly but expects a page from which you can extract the URL for the feed. This complicates things.

    But I managed to get a working solution… which I’ll post on a separate thread.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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