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  • Plugin Author John Huebner


    No, this plugin does not include any pipe functionality. As I’ve said in other topics, I don’t know how to add it to the plugin.

    This plugin only works with simple value/label pairs.

    I’m still willing to take pull requests on GitHub if anyone can figure it out and get it to work. Currently I have very little time to work on adding such a feature or spending the hours digging through the ACF code to see what needs to be done. It’s just very low on my priority list right now.

    Thanks for the reply John.

    I tried a different approach. I tried to obfuscate the emails, which works… but.. when I try to set the “default” choice, that doesn’t work.

    Oh well… at least the label isn’t revealing of the email address… which helps a bit.

    When you say “digging through the ACF code”… do you mean CF7? If so, I looked in there.. and although it’s a bit confusing to me, it *seems* to be just a function call.. I don’t know.

    I will hire someone if need be. I will check Freelancer for a coder to get it done. Thanks again!

    Plugin Author John Huebner


    Sorry, I meant digging through CF7 code. I was working on something in ACF just before replying.

    I’ve actually been moving away from CF7, which is why I can’t give this a lot of priority. My clients want something easier to use and I’m trying to move away from needing to create every form for them. The 3 simple add ons I’ve created for CF7, when used in combination, do everything I need them to do.

    Basically, if I want to allow someone to select who an email is going to, I use the dynamic select field to show the choices and then I use my dynamic recipient plugin in combination with my hidden field add on to make that happen. This was the purpose of creating these three add ons in the first place. Then I create an options pate in the admin where the client can set up different values and email addresses to use in the select field.

    Hope you get your problem worked out. Honestly, I think that CF7 should include some native filters for dynamically populating all types of fields.

    Thanks! I will check out your other plugins.
    Are you saying they should do as I am attempting when used in combination? Or.. that they do everything you ever needed?

    Either way, great support… appreciate the replies. Take care!

    p.s. ACF is awesome. CF7 is becoming bothersome lol

    Plugin Author John Huebner


    Yes, when I originally created this plugin I had a client that wanted to
    1) Be able to have a select group of “Subjects”
    2) Different contact form submitted with different subjects needed to be emailed to different people
    3) They wanted to be able to adjust the subjects and the email addresses on a regular basis

    I created an ACF options page with a repeater where they could set the subject lines and associated email addresses.

    The dynamic select field on the form draws the subjects from this repeater.

    Then I built the dynamic recipient plugin to alter the recipient of the email sent by CF7. This required the use of the hidden field plugin so that I could communicate the value needed to select the right email.

    It’s probably not the most elegant way to achieve the results I was looking for, but after hours or digging through CF7 and looking at other addons created for CF7 by other developers, it was the best solution I could come up with.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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