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  • Woohoo61


    Hi all,
    I’m pretty new to PHP.
    I want the Modal to show on page with ID 371 when a variable has a specific value.
    Say on page ID 371 I have set:
    $modal = 'A';
    Then in the settings of the Modal I set at the PHP Condition line:
    if($modal == 'A');

    Changing the variable on that page to, say, ‘B’, that doesn’t make any difference.
    The modal keeps showing up.
    I have checked the ‘Only show on specific pages and single posts’ and specified the page ID 371 on ‘Pages and posts to display Modal Dialog ‘.
    Any clues anyone?

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  • Plugin Author Yannick Lefebvre


    You should not put if and semi-colon, only what is between parentheses.

    $modal == ‘A’

    That being said, you are going to get in a scope issue. Where are you trying to set that PHp variable? It will not be available from an a shortcode callback function. If you want a shortcode to optionally display on a page, a better bet would be to put a GET variable in the URL. For example:

    Then your condition could be:

    is_page(371) && isset( $_GET[‘showdialog’] ) && $_GET[‘showdialog’])

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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