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  • hello dear Roland – dear developer, hello dear experts hello dear user,

    first of all; many thanks for this great wordpress-plugin. i am a big big fan for years now and think that the Participants-DB is generally one of the best plugins of wordpress: This is just overwhelming.

    currently i am planning to set up a site – where a pd runs. and i want to connect two other sites to that: well – We would like to create a dropdown menu that selects jobs from different sites on a WordPress-multisite.

    Scenario: imagine – when on one site, I can select a site from a dropdown menu and have it populate with that other subsite’s listings of pd-entries – that are Participants-DB-entries.

    So there would be a central db where all the records are stored

    – i would have three sites:

    Question: is this doable – how to create the subsites – how to work on only one Database with the records?

    Any advice on the best way to accomplish this?

    Above all – dear Roland, keep up the great project – it rocks!!!

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  • Plugin Author xnau webdesign


    OK, you have two technical challenges to figure out. You will certainly need to have or have access to WP developer skills to get this done.

    First is how to allow one site to get database data from another site. This can be a little tricky, this is not something that is normally done.

    If they are all on the same server under the same hosting account, that is helpful. In a case like that, you could write your custom code to access the other site’s database directly. This is discussed here, and it’s quite feasible: Using wpdb to connect to a separate database

    If the site is on another server or another account on the same server, it’s a lot more difficult, you would need to write an API that allows the second site to ask for data from the first site. WordPress has something like this built in (the REST API), but it would not normally access the Participants Database data. You’d have to figure that one out.

    Another possibility is to set up a sync between the two databases, so the databases will both have the same data. This can often only be accomplished if it’s the same server and account. You’d have to set this up with your hosting provider.

    The second technical challenge is how to populate the dropdown. This is much easier. If this is a Participants Database dropdown, I have published a tutorial that will help you get that done: Populate a Form Dropdown from the Database. If the dropdown is not in Participants Database, you’d need to use whatever methods are available in that context.

    Good day dear Roland – many many thanks for the quick reply.

    i am very glad to hear from you. The article on the Stackexchange-page is just great. The folks discuss what is needed and wanted here.

    Many thanks der Roland – for all you do.
    keep up the great work – it rocks

    best regards

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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