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  • Resolved joeyw


    i installed pagenavi plugin
    but since my website is RTL the numbers is overlapping each other in the navigation part,
    how can i customize the pagenavi..?
    didn’t found anything on it’s writing the numbers in the pagenavi css
    please help.


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  • Hi Joeyw,

    It looks like there is no rtl support for pagenavi.

    I had a play with a css option, for some reason on my test twenty eleven child theme with the mods from the other post when I floated the extend the links became un-clickable, if I hid it they also became un-clickable, so I used css to hice the extend class.

    .wp-pagenavi span.extend {
    	border: none;
    	color: transparent;
    .wp-pagenavi span.pages,
    .wp-pagenavi span.current,
    .wp-pagenavi .nextpostslink,
    .wp-pagenavi .previouspostslink,
    .wp-pagenavi .smaller,
    .wp-pagenavi .larger,
    .wp-pagenavi .first,
    .wp-pagenavi .last {

    The you will need to reverse the directions links >> << etc: in Admin > Settings > Pagenavi

    I see this has been asked for before so once you have it sorted post back here with the full solution.



    hey david,
    thats do the trick
    simply added your code here to the pagenavi css under wp-content/plugins/wp-pagenavi/pagenavi-css.css.
    thanks a lot.


    Hi Joe,
    The code should go into (child theme) style.css, because when the plugin gets updated you will loose the changes you made, with updates the files are deleted and re-written.

    Can you mark the other post as closed please.



    hey david,
    marked the other posts as requested “resolved”.
    and i tried to set it in the style.css but it doesn’t workes for me
    all the rtl set’s scrumbled it again.
    you are right when you saying that when update it will overwrite but i don’t know how to resolve it, as now the pagenavi css overide the rtl settings and uses your code.
    i even tried to set it at the end of the style.css for maybe something in the middle overide it but it’s no go.


    Hi David
    Just used your CSS and it worked nice.
    just wanted to thank you for that


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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