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    dear sir,
    i am new on wordpress.i am getting confuse how to use this plugin.please guide me.

    i have already create a textbox for change some text.and give a unique id .and also i have use this id those place where i want to change text.but there are nothing happening.

    please guide me.

    thanks in advance.

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  • In your template, where you want to show the text, use:

    echo ot_get_option(“id_of_textbox”,”Here is default text”);

    thanks. can we use any text editor instead of text area for custom formatting?

    Yes, you can use text editor (Tinymce) for custom formatting fields by using textarea type (not textarea-simple). But if you want to use text editor in metabox you need some addition codes.

    thanks, actually i am a web designer not php can u help me? can you give me that additional code for text editor.

    thanks in advance.

    It not easy to help you here because it is require edit more places in some files both js and php. Addition it base on your option settings. So I don’t know exactly where to edit in your code.

    thanks.i will do something about this later.i have a question…
    can i use my own content slider with create dynamic slide and if yes then tell me how is it possible…?

    I am using the Daily Press theme with the Option Tree plugin and my home page is blank. What am I doing wrong? I see that I am supposed to set up the categories, but I just want it to show my recent blog posts. How do I do this?

    OptionTree doesn’t help you show data. It just help you store settings for your site. OptionTree is create for coder. Your code (in theme) must read OptionTree settings and generate/show data (post/page) base on settings.

    Plugin Author Derek Herman


    @htvu you’re awesome! I see you more than anyone in here answering questions. Thank you!

    @ananddesigner The documentation in OptionTree should be enough to get you started. Have you read it? If you have, and you still feel puzzled on where to start, my suggestion would be to seek a developer that can help with your project.

    @hiredgunsdesign Please start your own topic if you have questions. You’ll have a better chance at getting an answer.

    @derek you’re welcome. I l love this plugin and I’m using it for my new theme in ThemeForest. I made some changes on the plugin and I just want give a little help.

    hi, first i have to say..this plugin is awesome..
    i have a problem..i am using a slider. i am able to use slider loop.
    if ( function_exists( ‘get_option_tree’ ) ) {
    $slides = get_option_tree( ‘intro_page_slider’, $option_tree, false, true, -1 );
    foreach( $slides as $slide ) {
    echo ‘

  • <img src=”‘.$slide[‘image’].'” alt=”‘.$slide[‘title’].'” />
  • ‘;
    and now i want to also add a UL in lI.
    please help..

Plugin Author Derek Herman


Please use ot_get_option( 'intro_page_slider' ); instead, the other function was deprecated.

if ( function_exists( 'ot_get_option' ) && $slides = ot_get_option( 'intro_page_slider' ) ) {

  $content = '';

  foreach( $slides as $slide ) {

    if ( isset( $slide['image'] ) && isset( $slide['title'] ) ) {

      $content.= '<li><img src="' . $slide['image'] . '" alt="' . $slide['title'] . '" /></li>';



  echo '<ul>' . $content. '</ul>';


Thanks it works perfect
<?php echo ot_get_option( 'id_text_area' ); ?>


@ananddesigner you busted the page! lol

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