• Hello,

    I use a free Sueva version and have a problem with one page template because when I try to use it (for Contact or About) there is no text. When I switch over settings – to right side bar – text is available.

    Have you got similar problem and could give me any tip?

    Regards, Ewa

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  • Theme Author alexvtn


    Hi @petelkowo

    To manage the one page section, you need to install the free plugin called SuevaFree essential Kit, available on WordPress.org

    When you create a new page using the page template “one page”, you need to put one or more widgets inside the widget area called “one page”

    Some widgets are included with SuevaFree Essential Kit plugin but you can also add, for example, each kindle of widget like a slider widget.

    Please follow the documentation.txt file, you will found a link to download the sample data.

    – One Page

    To create and manage the one page section, you can follow this videotutorial from the premium version of Sueva ( On the free version the portfolio section is not available) :

    1) Create a new page using the “One page” template.
    2) Add each widget under the “One page” sidebar area, from the WordPress customize section or the widget section.
    3) Create a new menu and choose “One page menu” as “Theme locations”
    4) Link each widget of your one page, adding a custom links item and using one-page-x as URL where x is the number of widget.

    For example:

    Widgets: Custom Menu URL:

    1° Widget : SuevaFree Call To Action Widget #one-page-1
    2° Widget : SuevaFree News Slideshow #one-page-2
    3° Widget : SuevaFree Testimonial Slideshow #one-page-3
    4° Widget : SuevaFree Team Slideshow #one-page-4
    5° Widget : SuevaFree Counter Widget NONE
    6° Widget : SuevaFree Contact Form Widget #one-page-6

    You can use #one-page-0 URL to back to the top of your page

    Have a nice day.


    Thread Starter petelkowo


    Hello @alexvtn,

    thank you for your reply and explanation. I followed the documentation.txt file and most of my problems are solved 🙂

    I have last questions. If you could help me, I was really grateful.

    1. problem with changing page width (single pages not one page) – I used Site Builder – the page is wider and the bottom and full sidebar are narrower (i.e. http://testowo.petelkowo.pl/cennik/). It doesn’t look well.

    2. how can I change English descriptions of some purchase steps (WooCommerce) and in Sueva theme (i.e. word Category on page of entries in a category)?

    Have a good time.

    Theme Author alexvtn


    Hi @petelkowo

    You’re welcome 🙂

    1. I’ll check your request tomorrow.
    2. I guess you can create a new language file for the english, using poedit, please check the documentation.txt file

    Have a nice day


    Theme Author alexvtn


    Hi @petelkowo

    Could you please send an email with the content of the following page


    to support@wpinprogress.com?



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