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    I have just started using this plugin but I can’t understand a few things, could you please help me so I can understand whether this is the right plugin I need?
    I have a website ( where users can read lessons on how to speed up your pc. So far, there is no membership or community, all the lessons are open to everybody, there are no quizzes or tests, users just read the lessons they are interested in but there is no track of what they have already read.
    Now I would like:
    1) to better organize the content, structuring it in courses containing lessons. My first question is: is there any way I can use my previous posts and pages and convert them to courses or lessons? How can I do that? I imagined there was something like a button to convert a post to lesson, but I don’t see it when I open a post in my wordpress panel, and I wouldn’t want to re-create new lessons pasting and copying all my previous posts in each new lesson – that sounds a very big waste of time;
    2) I would like to keep the content of the website open to everybody coming to it from search engines or referrals. At the same time, I would like to make possible for the users that are interested in to log in, read the lessons they are interested in, take their exams, complete courses, and check their progress tracked in their profile. Repeat: users interested should be able to create an account, log in when they need, get an idea of what lessons/courses they have read/completed and what they still need to read/complete. How can I do that? Should I integrate Namaste! LMS with a plugin like buddypress or similar?
    Thanks for your help

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    i am also using this powerful plugin. I have made all courses , assignements … However after enrollment user courses are not shown to him but in word press dash board its link is shown. is there any short code to display courses , assignments on the page.

    Please check my link

    Plugin Author prasunsen


    There is no shortcode yet. It’s in plans.



    Hi prasunsen, could you please answer to my questions above? I would really be interested in using your plugin. Thanks!

    Plugin Author prasunsen


    Namaste is planned for logged in users, so if you don’t want to require login to access the material, you need no LMS.

    When I activate, My blog post showing Untitled Posts.
    Please Fix it,
    When I deactivate Everything become well

    The same with daskal Plugin.

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