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    I am a little confused on how to use in Multisite.

    If It is activated Only in main site, is it necessary to activate it in sub site?

    Or we should activate it network wide?


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  • Hello @alexlii. Clearfy doesn’t support bulk multisite activation. You should activate it at each site partically.

    Full multisite compatibility reqires more time for development and support. We collect user’s feedback about multisite and if it’s in demand we’ll implement it.



    I activated in in main site and a subsiste, Why the SEO parts are different in different sites?
    Please check the screenshot:




    Are you use Yoast SEO on the network website?

    on both sites, no, I do not use it since our server is in china, and we are blocked by China government firewall to access to any global resource like google.

    So we do not take google search traffic into consideration.


    Please wait for a new version and check again.

    please ignore this issue temporarily I found the Yoast model is enbabled in that site.

    But I really do not remember exactly it is enabled by myself or it is enabled automatically by some other reason.

    I will monitor it.


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    Fuf. Ok!

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