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  • Thanks for QueryMonitor. It’s invaluable!

    How can we use Query Monitor to identify the sources of slowness in our WooCommerce checkout page once the customer clicks “Place Order”?

    The problem is that the delay (often 20 – 30 seconds) occurs after QueryMonitor has given its results for the page. So Query Monitor doesn’t record it. The delay occurs on the same checkout page AFTER “Place Order” has been clicked and BEFORE the order-received page loads.

    Once the customer is redirected automatically to /order-received the queries we wanted to monitor are lost because they were on the prior page.

    We wish we could freeze /checkout/ and prevent the redirect to /checkout/order-received, if that makes sense.

    (As an aside, we think the problem is on our server, not with external services, because we use NewRelic and it isn’t showing more than about 200ms response times for each external service called by “Place order” such as our payment gateway. So something is going on within our server itself — including admin-ajax requests perhaps — causing this long TTFB to reach /order-received)

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