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  • Hi, I am new user of wordpress. I am trying to use Feed wordpress plugin.

    The last (6) step in the installation was
    “Go to the main Syndication page to set up the list of sites that you want FeedWordPress to syndicate onto your blog.” The link for the plugin is here

    This step was completed and every thing is fine till there.

    Now I want to show this RSS feed in a new page like eg. NEWS in my website. I have added a new page also. What code should i use or what is the procedure?

    Please help


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  • Can Any body help

    No idea. the plugin creates posts from the rss feed but I don’t think his documentation said anything about posting pages. If you need to post to a particular page maybe there’s some way to do it in wp itself e.g. based on category? I’m not sure. Sorry.


    FeedWordPress is designed to syndicate posts from your source feeds as new posts in your WordPress database (each new post that appears on one of your feeds will be added as a new post in WordPress). It is not designed to add an RSS feed display to static pages. If you want that, you can sort of mock it up by using the FeedWordPress’s tag settings and the WordPress tag system (so, for example, you can have all syndicated posts tagged “News”; then they will all appear in the category archive at …) But if you want something that makes real use of WordPress’s page-editing and -management features, then I’m afraid FeedWordPress was simply designed to solve a problem different from the problem you are trying to solve. You might check out some of the alternatives at the WordPress PLugin directory; see for a start.

    I hope this helps.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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