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    Hi all, Love the work (wpcodeus-guys) have done! Fantastic stuff! πŸ™‚

    However, I couldn’t really see a clear response to “how to use with Elementor page builder” part of @sweetfoxatl, question 1 week ago.

    Had the exact same “Edit with Elementor” displayed?? aargh!
    Anyway here is how I got it to work, hope this helps:

    Pre-requisite(Must be done first):
    + WP Proposals plugin installed, activated
    + Create 1 Proposal, name it <Edit with Elementor> Make a few changes and select Update
    + Elementor free or Pro plugin installed & activated

    = Elementor must be displayed in the WP-admin dashboard
    = WP Proposals must be displayed in the WP-admin dashboard
    = WP Proposals under ‘Proposals tab’ the proposal <Edit with Elementor> is displayed

    Step 1: Select Elementor from {wp-admin dashboard}
    Result: Elementor sub-menu will expand, with the ‘Settings tab’ displayed

    Step 2: Select (from the {General tab} under ‘POST TYPES’ the tick box for ‘Proposals’ <–image
    Step 3: Select [Save Changes]
    Step 4: From {WP Proposals} Select to edit <Edit with Elementor> proposal
    RESULT: Edit with Elementor button is displayed image–>

    Sorted πŸ™‚

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    Hey Bravestar,

    Thanks for the kind words and awesome instructions to allows users to use Eliminator on the Proposal custom post type!

    We are working on a BIG update for WP Proposals right now based on all of your guy’s awesome feedback. Including things like: more instructions, more fields and details regarding client information, send proposals directly from the dashboard and more. Please feel free to keep sending feedback our way and a review of the plugin will definitely help drive us even more and get the word out about a plugin that is very much needed in the marketplace.

    We will include all of this in the new readme.txt but I thought I would also add to this forum on how to allow Visual Composer to be used for the Proposal custom post type as well.

    1. From the dashboard hover over WPBakery Page Builder and select ‘Role Manager’
    2. Select the Post Type dropdown and choose the option ‘Custom’.
    3. Activate all custom post types that you would like to edit using Visual Composer.
    3. For best results go to the Proposal Settings and select ‘Full Width Editor’

    Kevin W.

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    @sweetfoxatl To get the wp proposal to use the Elementor canvas your need

    From the <edit with elementor> set Post Canvas to <Element Canvas>

    I have tested your statement to @sweetfoxatl (1) “the editor section will simply allow you to create and style your own top section of the proposal”

    And found that Elementor canvas overwrites the WP Proposal content completely. Meaning whatever changes I make in Element Canvas overrides the proposal completely not just the top section.

    setup wp proposals to use the Elementor canvas

    step 1: From {wp proposal} select a proposal
    step 1: From ‘selected proposal’ update scope of services, by adding 2 new services
    step 3: Select [update]
    step 4: Select [preview changes]

    RESULT: Proposal is displayed with changes

    step 5: From {wp proposal} select [Edit with Elementor]
    step 6: Add a section, <image & text>, add content and select update
    step 7: Exit Elementor view and return to {wp-admin dashboard}
    step 8: Select ‘WP Proposal’ view changes

    RESULT: only Elementor changes are displayed no wp proposal content is displayed

    @wpcodeus Can you advise?

    Plugin Author WP Codeus


    Hey @bravestar,

    I have tested the following and was not able to duplicate the issue on our end. Please see the attached image:

    If you would like, please create us a temporary administration login to your site using so we can see what might be causing the issue and try to resolve it.


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    @wpcodeus thanks for the quick response and the screenshot is really reassuring! lol

    Should have posted my complete environment settings/details so we can compare

    #WP Proposal Post Attribute = Elementor full width

    # Elementor Version 2.5.13 – Free (not pro)
    # Elementor Page Editor
    General settings
    > hide title = [NO]
    > page layout = elementor Full width
    > status = published

    # Theme = ocean wp
    Let me know if i have missed anything off

    Plugin Author WP Codeus


    Hey @bravestar,

    If you’re using Elementor or Visual Composer make sure to set the Post Attributes to Template ‘Default Template’. If you’re using Elementor and if you have the post template set to ‘Elementor Full’ or ‘Elementor Canvas’ you’re telling Elementor to use their page template and not the Proposal page template.

    If you want the Elementor section of the proposal to be full width you would change that in the WP Proposal Settings > Design and enable ‘Content Editor Full Width’.

    Kevin W.

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