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  • In Ascend I use two sidebars. Primary and one I call Sidebar2, a custom sidebar.

    On my site I use – or intend to use when settled in so to say, One sidebar – Primary sidebar – dedicated only for my blog. And one Sidebar2, for my other pages with Text and images.

    But I also need to disable sidebar2 on Pages with Galleries, where I intend to have entirely images, because those are my “portfolio” pages. That is, not the feature of portfolio pages, but pages with my image galleries.

    I tried to solve this by using Portfolio pages. But those Portfolio/project pages seem to only allow a minimum of one column pages. Which makes it impossible to use for full width gallery portfolio pages.

    Ive tried a few days now trying to figure this out, to no avail.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance,

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  • Okidoki, checking his asap (Sitting and making a drawing and design for a company logotyp simultaniously 🙂

    Interesting and promising if it worked on your end, with Gutenberg. Did you make any additional steps I didnt do?

    My steps

    Create new page (Gutenberg)
    Title of page
    Use Image galleries Blocks/ or Project options
    Select Above
    Click Publish

    Did you make any other steps?


    Yep, just tested again and it works either way.

    I suggest deactivating any gutenberg related plugins you may have on your site and testing again.


    In one way it worked, and in another way it still doesnt work. It worked when deactivated Site origin widgets bundle, when using the Project options selecting “Above”. That solved the issue in this thread

    Which will make me move my image galleries over to Portfolio/project pages instead, and setting “above”. (That way I can set a Sidebar 2, Custom sidebar on all regular pages with text and images, to get a nicer alignment looking).

    But it wont entirely solve the issue when I like that project looking portfolio pages. I will oook around and see what I do wrong.

    But for sure Site origin Widgets bundle was the culprit for this one. Big thanks!

    It worked without Gutenberg for this issue, but the image galleries doesnt look so nice then, because then I would have to go back to nextgen, and I am partly trying to leave that Plugin.



    Hey @theillustrator,
    Sorry for the delay. Unfortunately, the Gutenberg gallery doesn’t offer a ton of flexibility. With our premium themes, you have some more options with the use of shortcodes. Is there a specific look you’re going for with your galleries?


    Hello Hannah,
    No worries. Thank you for your response and support. I got this issue sorted and it works fine now. I like look of the gallery now. It gives a two columns thumb view on my smartphone, and take up a big wide impact on the computer. It looks great. Gutenberg gallery is a big improvement from the classic view.

    So no shortcode or other look. It show, with help from Ben, to be SiteOrigin widget bundle that was a culprit. When I deactivated it, all things started to work as expected.

    I personally have the free Ascend right now. But I try to get everyone I create websites for, (I’m mainly an illustrator and designer) off and on during a year, to sign up for your excellent premium support.




    Happy to hear it 🙂


Viewing 7 replies - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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