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  1. AldrinD
    Posted 5 years ago #


    I'm sort of new to wordpress and webbdesigning so please explain with baby steps :)

    I've come quite far in doing things with WP and Plugins. But now I'm stuck, I've recently found the great Plugin "Classy wp_list_page" and also the great firefox app "firebug".

    My problem is: in firebug I can find the navigation menu ID's and I can fiddle around with the coding and do what I want. But in wordpress I can't find the same codes that I find in firebug, so I can do the adjustments I'd like, where do I find the ID's for my menu items in wordpress?

    What I want to do:
    I have menu items in image formats which I'm using with "custom menu images", which is great, but it doesnt properly use the width of the image, so the image gets cut. but by coding the width of each menu item individually I can get the success I'm looking for (according to my firebug testings).

    If someone can give me either the solution of how to access the menu items through wordpress or file, I'd greatly appreciate it.

    If someone can give me an alternative solution to my menu images, I'd greatly appreciate it too :)


  2. AldrinD
    Posted 5 years ago #

    forgot to mention that I use the theme "Weaver" if it helps :)

  3. AldrinD
    Posted 5 years ago #

    solved it after trying stuff over two days :)
    removed the plugin "custom menu images" and used worpress own "custom links" in menu section.

    and to change the spacing between menu items in CSS I used:

    #access a, #access2 a {
        padding-left: 0px;
        padding-right: 0px;

    and changed these in style.css

    #access .menu-header, #access2 .menu-header, div.menu {
        font-size: -45px;
        margin-left: 194px;
        width: 928px;
    #access .menu-header ul, #access2 .menu-header ul, div.menu ul {
        list-style: none outside none;
        margin: -194px;

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