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  • After banging my head against the wall (yes it felt great when I stopped) and then ultra-researching caching, and then some more head-banging (it’s addicting) I discovered that my techozoic child theme isn’t working because of a thing called “techozoic style settings.” I did manage to get my style working by putting my code into that nice little box called “Custom CSS” but I still don’t understand how the techozoic style settings page works, and I don’t care to because…

    It’s not how I want to style stuff. I want to do it in the classic way. Instead of clicking on Techozoic Settings –>Custom CSS, what I prefer to do is click on Editor –> Select Theme to Edit –> Techozoic Moran, and then add whatever I want under the import line (@import url(“../techozoic-fluid/style.css”);)

    I was wondering if you would tell me what to do on the “techozoic style settings” page to get what I want. Please I don’t need the page explained because I don’t plan to use it. I just want to know what to check and uncheck so I can do the thing I’m more familiar with.

    Great theme, by the way. Thanks for building it.

    Linda Moran

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  • Theme Author Jeremy Clark


    Under the Style Settings tab there is an option to use Static or Dynamic CSS. If you set this to Static you’ll be able to import the css and your child theme will function properly.

    Thanks! That was probably obvious to everybody but me. LOL

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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