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  • use [Product]

    Hi oz-uk.

    I’ve created a Category. Name=”Neumaticos Nuevos” slug=”ruedas”.
    I’ve insert a Product in this Category.
    Then, in my Page I use: [product cat=”ruedas”] and its work.

    The screenshots look great but I have absolutely no clue how to make this plugin work. Developers need to put up a very complete step by step tutorial.

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    Sorry guys wrote this for a client, and posted for others to use quickly

    the shortcodeis [product] all the others are “shorcode options” and should be added to the original shortcode :


    [product cat=”whatever”]

    How, exactly, do you add a product? I tried putting in links to amazon products, but when I put [product cat=”whatever”] on a post
    all I see is a printout of the links.

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    you would add a product, to the product section via the back-end, the same you would a page or post.

    add a title, content featured image and select a category.

    Can get it to post to the page but when I click on the read more link at the bottom of the image I keep getting “Apologies, but the page you requested could not be found. Perhaps searching will help.”

    What am I doing wrong and where are the settings for this read more link?

    Still testing and searching and can’t figure out what the products does not show when someone clicks on the read more link.

    Keep getting page not found or some other crazy error.

    If I go to view all products in the products menu and highlight one of the added products then click the view tab I get the same errors “page not found”

    Do I need something else for this to work? Like I stated above have no problems getting the grid to the page with the shortcodes just can’t get past these error messages.

    Thanks for sharing this plugin looking forward to getting it to work.

    I am having the same problem.

    I created a product on the back end. I completed the title, description and chose a category. Once complete, that creates a url of

    When I go to my products page, I see the grid of all my products. When I click the read more button, it should take me to but gives me a page not found error. How do I get the read now to direct to the correct page?

    Also – you list other shortcodes, like how to change the button from “Read Now” to something else – but where does that shortcode go?

    I appreciate that you quickly put this plugin out there – but detailed directions are needed. This plugin is exactly what I am looking for, but I cannot get it to work. I am trying to make this live for a client asap.



    Check what version of wordpress you are running? I updated that particular site to the latest version and my links started working. Not sure if that was the issue or not but it now works.

    Hope this helps.

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    didn’t have anything to do with your version, look at the instructions, you needed to click save on your permilinks page to add the need permilink created by the plugin, simply goto permilinks and click save.

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    From the installation file :

    The plugin registers a new custom post type, so you'll want to update your permalinks. No need to change your permalink structure, just go to "Settings->Permalinks" and click "Save Changes" without making any modifications.

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    shey are shortcode options.

    ex :

    [product cat=”whatever” buttontext=”your button text”]

    I got the product list figured out but how do I get an image to show up when it lists the products? I tried adding the image to the product post but the image only shows up when I click on view products. I can see the source code shows that a blank img code before my product description. I tried looking at the source code for the grid product but can’t figure out how or where it is trying to pull the image from. I would really like to have an image next to my product list and I know it says it can do that but the instructions are really lacking when it comes to how to add an image to the product field.

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    you need to add a featured image (right hand side) to your product.

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