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    Hi, this is my first time trying to upload 2.6 to my server. I thought it was supposed to take 5 minutes? I downloaded it to an empty directly and made the edits, and went to my hosting server and realized I could upload only one file at a time and had to recreate the folder structure manually.

    Is this normal? If I could zip all this back up could I unzip at the host?

    Or could I just put the unedited zip file there to BEGIN with and unzip and make the edits?

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    Thats not normal nope, but very common for shared hosts. I frequently have to upload an entire application one folder at a time but it’s not really the fault of WP but instaed the hosting provider you have selected.



    I recommend FileZilla. Google it. I’m sure it will come up.


    I tried to install Sugar on my shared host and the damn thing would never finish uploading, always crapped out after about 3 minutes. I use WinSCP and those familiy of tools.

    I tried switching from passive mode and back using FTP and no dice — OP you might consider trying passive mode and making sure you uploaded the files in ASCII mode — an important point that I forgot to mention.

    I am not sure how comfortble you are with the command prompt but you might also consider uploading the files as a *.tgz file, logging in using putty or similar and uncompressing the files on the server so you avoid the problems with FTP and multiple files.

    Short of those suggestions I can’t think of much more to say without logging in and playing around first hand.



    If you have to edit just a few files, consider this:

    1. Copy the container (.zip, .tgz) on your host machine and unpack
    2. Copy the containe to your local machine, unpack and make the adjustmets.
    3. Copy the edited files to the SAME location on your host.

    If you have to edit a lot of files, it’s feasable to re-create a container, upload that single file and unpack it on your host.



    What I ended up doing is uploaded the WP zip file and my edited wp-config.php file. Guess that’s not the way to do it because it won’r run in the browser. Support says I didn’t put database name in right. I just used my name. Was I supposed to use “SQL” or something?

    Or is this whole approach wrong?

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    caroljm36: Yes, your whole approach is wrong.

    Quite frankly, if you don’t really understand the database stuff, and cannot work out how to upload files to your host easily, then I’d highly recommend either finding somebody else to do it for you, or using an alternative service to run your website on, such as

    Running a website is more complex than simply writing posts on a blog, and services like allow you to run your blog and even have your own domain name without all the extra hassles of also having to manage the actual site itself.



    Yes I’ve been trying to figure out if I’m in over my head or not…LOL. I’ve learned a lot more than I expected to in the last few years, including html, Java, C, C++ but that’s not helping me any. I have no DB experience except with Access. But I keep pushing to see if I can do it or not…so, I’ll punt! I’ve got an okay temp site at I can keep for now.

    Would WordPress for Dummies help or is that just for stuff?

    Anyway, thanks everyone…



    Whoa, I take it back…it’s up and running now thanks to support at webhost4life..



    Hell, I didn’t know all I needed was an FTP program…lol. No idea what filezilla was because the last thing I used was FtpLE. Lots more files in WP than in the sites I worked on 10 years ago. The site is up and running, with another one installed last night using the same DB.

    Yes even dumbasses like me can do it, with a little help.



    I wouldn’t say that programmers are dumb*sses. No sir. 🙂

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