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How to upload a theme file

  • HI
    I too want to create a Custom Page Template. I followed this link,
    I opened that file in DreamWeaver then “save as” a different file name. I named the template for my sales page signup_page.php.

    As instructed at the very top of this new file, I copied and pasted the block of PHP code as follows:

    Template Name: [Healthy weight loss for teens]


    I left the “Template Name:” in place. I changed the name of the page as shown above.
    The following instruction “Once you have done that, upload this new file to your blog theme’s folder.”
    I am new to this, the question is where do you go to upload this new file to the blog theme’s folder? How do you get to the blog theme’s folder?
    I went to Appearance, theme but i could not see any option to upload the file in question.
    Please help!
    Something else,I also try to get rid of the date and time. I went to theme and editor and tried both files single post(single.php) and Page Template (page.php)and i could not find the entry in question.
    I do thank you all in advance.

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  • Move files to your desktop, create a Zip folder and put them into. Then just go to your wordpress Appearance menu –> Themes –> Install –> Upload –> Upload from Desktop. The rest is up to if your theme php is right.

    Chip Bennett


    Theme Review Admin

    First, you’ll want to ensure that the “Template” name you give to your custom Page is consistent with your Page name (so that you’ll recognize it in the Page Template dropdown list), or at the very least unique (otherwise it will clash with another Page template, if both have the same “Template” name).

    You cannot upload a template file to an existing Theme via the WP-Admin. To upload a Theme template file to an already installed Theme, you need to use FTP.

    If you do not want to display the date/time, look for template tags the_date() and/or the_time().

    Thanks for your reply, however i like to know where do you go to upload this new file to the blog theme’s folder? How do you get to the blog theme’s folder? I picked up this from the link i mentioned above. I also mentioned in the above post the name i chose which was a unique name easily to notice.
    About the previous post, thanks for your suggestion but I am very new to this, how do i create a zip file from the desktop. I can see, you can create a new folder but a zip file?? By the way, i already have a zip file at a different location. Shall move that to the desktop and then carry on with your suggestion?
    Thanks to you both guys! Much appreciated.

    Chip Bennett


    Theme Review Admin

    Thanks for your reply, however i like to know where do you go to upload this new file to the blog theme’s folder? How do you get to the blog theme’s folder?

    You need to access your site via FTP, using an FTP client.

    Once you have connected via FTP, and assuming your Theme’s name is MyTheme) navigate to:


    Or, if WordPress is installed in a subdirectory:


    You should see all of your Theme’s template files (style.css, index.php, page.php, etc.). Upload your custom Page template file here.

    @chip Bennett:
    Thanks a lot for helping me out. You see this is not a wp theme. This is a PLR site which i bought and i like it to be powered by wp. Thats the reason why i could not just upload it the usual way. As for using the FTP for this exercise, I am not sure i can handle this 🙂 I never uploaded anything before using the FTP. This site in question is already hosted by hostGator. Do i have to do this through there or can i do this here on my local computer. If so, how please?

    Chip Bennett


    Theme Review Admin

    WordPress can only use Themes developed for WordPress. It can’t use just any arbitrary template.

    If you want to port your site’s style and layout to WordPress, you’ll need to develop a WordPress Theme that uses that layout/style.

    Thanks again! It is not possible to bring the site in, bit by bit. What i mean is this, like copy and paste the index.php file into that of wp index.php and bring the graphic, images and sale page and so on. Is that possible or the only option is the one you mentioned above?
    Thanks for putting up with me. Am new to this and once I get one site going that would help a lot.

    Chip Bennett


    Theme Review Admin

    One way or another, you’re going to have to port your existing Theme into a format that WordPress understands.

    The approach I originally took when I first started using WordPress was to take my then-Blogger custom Theme, and apply the various WordPress functions and Template Tags to it.

    Alternately, you could take an existing WordPress Theme, and then modify it to incorporate your Theme’s layout and style.

    Thanks again for your help! I like the graphic and the page layout. I am not sure whats my next option. I might try dreamweaver to customize it and put it online.
    I do appreciate all your suggestion. If anything comes in mind do let me know.

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