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    Just wondering if this is possible? Is there a plugin for this or do i have to download some type of program? thank you in advanced.

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    Within the Edit Post page, use the Add Media option (near the Add Image button) to upload pdf files.

    did that and is doesn’t work!! Don’t know if i need some type of program that would let me upload a .pdf file the same way i upload a .jpg file!

    PDF files can be uploaded just like JPGs by default. That’s all there is to it. It doesn’t have any code preventing you from doing that.

    I don’t know if i’m doing something wrong or not! But i Uploaded the pdf file into a post but i cant see it! It does everything like if it was uploading but when i insert it into the post or page it doesn’t show! Has anybody had that happen to them before?

    Using 2.8 I have the same results as jlamboy. Select image icon/browse my computer/select .pdf/ upload/publish. Results= Show the title which is clickable. But .pdf file does not show or downloaded (what are the results that I should expect anyhow?). I see ‘transferring data from youtube’ then its done. Try it at:
    No joy. New solutions would be appreciated.

    Well, uploading it is one thing, but then you have to actually put the link to it into the post. That’s what the insert button is for, to insert the link into the post you’re making.

    thank you Carol i thought i was alone here with this one!

    1) I uploaded the .pdf file.
    2) I inserted the .pdf file to my post or page.
    3) It doesn’t appear!
    4) What do i do after that!

    Back up to step 3: What doesn’t appear?

    The link is just a link to the PDF file. Beyond that I have no idea what you’re talking about or what you’re expecting to happen here.

    Here’s as detailed as I can possibly be:

    1. Add new post.
    2. Click “Add Media” button.
    3. Using the file selection thing, select your PDF and click the upload button.
    4. After it uploads, you’ll have this new section that shows a Title, Caption, Description, and Link URL. Fill in any of the fields the way you want.
    5. Click “File URL”.
    6. Click “Insert into Post”.

    What you’ll now get in your post will be a link to that file. Write the rest of your post and publish it.

    Where is this going wrong for you?



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    And just to state the obvious, if you leave the Title field blank, you will still get a link. You just won’t be able to see it on the page.

    Still not working for me. Using Otto42s details I completed the following:
    1. Add new post.
    2. Click “Add Media” button.(me:last of 4 icons, look like star burst)
    3. Using the file selection thing, select your PDF and click the upload button.
    No: It doesn’t upload. I wait and where the pdf name appeared before clicking on Upload now the file selection area goes blank. I’ve tried different sizes of .pdf.

    Otto42 are your using WP 2.8.2 or earlier?

    I’m wondering if this has to do with the size of the file. I’ve tried numerous ways to add a PDF to our blog (add as image, add as media) with no luck. I have noticed that the files I’m trying to add are more than 9,000 kb. Not sure if this has anything to do with it but I’ve been able to add PDF files in the past with no problems.

    I get to the point where I add the file to from my computer using Browser Uploader, select the file, click upload and wait for 2 minutes to see nothing happens. No prompt to change the titles or add the image to post. There is really no way to shrink the file as it was scanned in.

    Anyone find a work around?

    same problem as jlamboy, mysitewizardorg, IMC… tried different possibilities to post a PDF and it doesn’t work… it uploads fine but does not appear in the post… how many people have to report exactlty the same problem in order to get a proper solution?

    Using Atahualpa 3.4.2 and WP 2.8.4 here…

    I believe that what most of us expect/hope for is to see the image inline with the text of the post.
    The uploader window contains an illustration of a page with text flowed around a picture, and that’s what we intend- not just a clickable link to the file. Is that what WordPress intends to provide? If so, then our blogs are not doing it. Does WP only allow the insertion of a clickable link? If so, then the <caption> and <description> fields, etc. seem useless.

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