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  • Hello, i already have made a local multisite and i want to give them a url. i can’t find a way. Please give me some advice and directions.
    Thank you!!

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    1. Get a hosting


    2. Register a domain, at registrar or as an option to hosting plan.

    3. Use a migration plugin to create a transfer package
    I usually recommend this one.

    4. Find out database access data on your new host. Ask hosting support if needed
    You need – database host, database name, database username and password

    5. Upload package and installer to new host

    6. Point your browser to installer url on your new site

    7. Follow instructions (enter database access info, enter your new domain, choose to run replacing old domain to new domain in the database)

    8. Visit your new site. Clean up uploaded installer and package from hosting.
    You can delete migration plugin from new site, if you dont need it anymore.

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    ok i’m gonna try this steps. Thank You!!!!!

    1. Pick a Reliable Web Hosting Company and register a domain name

    2. Choose Your Website Upload Method (File Manager/FTP)

    3. Upload Your Website File

    4. Import Your Database

    Thats it

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    Arul Prasad J , this will not handle Database update for new domain. Will need to run replace, and considering serialized data, it should be handled by a plugin, Better Search replace or Migration plugin.

    For total newbies using migration plugin will be easier and will handle all the caveats gracefully.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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