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  • I’ve downloaded a dream dictionary database and would like to present it on my site. I’ve uploaded it to public, but am unsure where to go from there. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  • Help me to understand why is this a WordPress-related question…

    First of all, I am new to all of this, so forgive me if my question is remedial. Since I am running a WordPress theme, and sometimes other applications don’t work with it, I naturally sought help here. I’d like to place the database on a page I made, and figured it wouldn’t be considered a plugin or widget, so… that’s it. I’m not really sure why this wouldn’t be a wordpress question now that I think about it. I’m sure you’ll set me straight though.

    this is a mysql question truth. (not to belabor the thread) or atleast that’s what it sounds like to me since you used the word database.

    maybe you would like to provide more info about exactly what you downloaded — a link perhaps?

    moshu’s repsonse is a normal one given the sheer amount of unquestionably wordpress-related questions that go unanswered here — its arguable that the helpers here, and there really arent alot of us that come back day after day after day, get caught up answering questions that dont belong here in the first place.

    Yes, I will 🙂
    In your initial post you didn’t mention you want the database to be displayed in a WP Page. So, it seemed more as a general website management issue – and we do NOT provide support for non-WP questions.

    And you will need to provide way more info in order to get help for displaying anything in a WP page. What is the format of that database? What kind of file it is? (Eventually, give a link to its original place)
    Explain how do you want to be included in a WP Page. (However, if it is NOT a WP Page that you want to display it on, we cannot help.)

    Yes, I imagine it can get more than taxing handling the various questions here, so no offense was taken. I’m not sure what ‘kind’ of database it is, but here is the original email with the link/directions to the download, which will in turn direct you to the original site it came from:


    I am happy to let you know that your co-branded software is now ready.

    You can download a copy by going to
    1) MB Free Dream Dictionary

    I request you to download a copy and check that everything is in perfect working order. asking your friend who has not installed this software before on his/her machine would be plus while checking for errors.

    a) You can choose to have people download it directly from your server by downloading and then uploading it on your site.
    b) you can choose to let it stay on our server and just give a download link on your site. there is no worry of bandwidth or downtime.


    I hope this information is what you’re needing. Thanks!

    Since that’s an exe file I do NOT think you can “display” it, show it in any webpage; it seems to be a desktop application. Sorry, I am not going to install it just to see what it is…
    As the email says: you can offer it for download = uploading somewhere on your host server the .exe file(!) and and publish a link to it as they did.
    Or you can give the link you posted above in your WP PAge.
    That’s it. There is nothing else you can do.

    While I appreciate the information, at no time did I encourage you or ask you to install the file. I simply provided you with the link and information I was supplied with, just as you asked me to. This action seemed to be entirely efficient as you were able to assess the situation. As stated earlier, I can imagine that it is taxing having to answer ‘stupid’ questions, but it is your job, correct? No matter what field of employment one is in, they should always keep in mind who their customer is, and should adjust their tone accordingly.

    oke 🙂

    I did extract that and im not entirely sure what it is you want to put on your site, upload, whatever..

    this is intended to be run on your own computer.

    Perhaps youre looking at this:

    and this is what your question refers to?

    Im a little lost with what you are trying to do.
    Re this:
    As stated earlier, I can imagine that it is taxing having to answer ‘stupid’ questions, but it is your job, correct?

    Incorrect. wordpress is free, and the the ppl that provide help here are volunteers. There is NO paid support here, and that includes moderators. So no, it is not his “job”. Nor are you a customer, at least not in the sense you think you are.

    Now excuse me while I uninstall this software and go play a game of poker.

    Actually, we are back to my very first suspicion: this whole thing has nothing to do with WordPress, so take your questions where they belong: to the site where you downloaded that thing from.

    The topic is not open for further discussion. Period.

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