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  • I have been having problems all week, and I just noticed Yahoo is still using version 2.3.3 and I have had it on automatic updates. I have been waiting on replies from my last 2 emails I sent to Yahoo with questions.

    Anybody here host with Yahoo that can tell me how to manually update? I’m scared I’ll lose information or settings to my site when I do. But I am wondering if updating would be a cure for the problems my site’s been having all week.

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  • I didn’t have a ton of problem doing a manual update – if you use this page with additional detail, it should help with things not being overwritten.

    If you don’t use an FTP client already, I’d highly recommend that over the sorry attempt at a file manager Yahoo! provides.

    That said, I’m having massive issues with commenting, and have been for a while – my last blog they got totally corrupted, and getting an answer from Yahoo! support is about as likely as me turning into a man.

    Ok thanks, I’ll look it over in a little while, about to walk to return some movies which is 7+ miles round trip, maybe it will bring some stress…

    Yeah only reason I went with Yahoo was because I only had to pay 3 months at a time instead of a full 12 months which I can’t currently afford, barely affording programs for college! Thanks for the link.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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