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  • I am trying to replace a current active theme with an update version I re-downloaded from Theme Forest. In the past i have always delete the theme and then re-installed it but am having trouble finding that option. And am also curious if there is an alternative option.

    Any suggestions – much appreciated! Thank you!

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  • Would be interested to know this too. Seems the delete link for themes has been removed.



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    if you have problems with your commercial theme, please contact the theme’s developer directly;

    you might get more detailed support, if you start your own topic and state the name and download link of your theme.

    My problem is very similar to the one that was posted above. I simply wanted to subscribe to the post so I could see the answer. It’s not about the theme, it’s about the new version of WordPress and the inability to now delete any themes that have been installed.

    to delete themes firstly you’ll have to deactivate it (apply any other theme).
    Then click on the theme screenshot to view “theme details” you’ll see delete button there.

    Thank you. Before you could see the activate, live preview and delete links for a theme. Now you have to click on the theme to find the delete link. I expect quite a few people will have a challenge finding this.



    I agree, @proverbs31woman. I just went to delete themes I’m not using so I don’t have to update them. I didn’t know what clicking on the theme would do, and I didn’t want to activate it by accident and break my client’s website.

    It would be much better to have this link up front, where people can see it right away, rather than making them click on the theme to find it.

    @ashutosh Joshi Thanks.

    Removing the delete link from the upfront dashboard was a stroke of genius for making life difficult. The more stuff gets improved the harder it is to operate. Not just WP but a lot of programs work that way.
    Thanks to Ashutosh Joshi for posting how to find the delete link.

    Ashutosh Joshi is correct but you have to look down in the lower right corner to find the delete link. Hey WordPress Team, lets make it harder to delete a theme next time. I just won’t add anymore new ones. That seems to be the message here

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    That seems to be the message here

    This is just a support thread someone made to find out how to delete threads. The message here is that people wanted to help @asavage001 out.

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