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  • I’m updating a website which uses WordPress to run a Flash based site.

    When I try to create new posts, change, titles, delete sections etc, the whole website goes down and flash won’t load!

    I believe something was programmed in to make the flash responsive or dependent on the specific wordpress content. so that if the number of entries in the wordpress CMS is changed, or even the length of a particular entry, (in some cases the titles are sensitive to this too) — that it disables the flash that accompanies the section, thereby disabling the entire section.

    How can I fix this???

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  • The only way to tell what’s going on is to look at the source file for the flash component – remember that this is not the .swf file that’s being displayed on your site, but you will need access to the irignal .fla file that it was exported from. Unfortunately there’s just to many things that could be happening inside the flash area for anyone here ot be able to tell you what’s going on.

    This is just another reason why Flash sucks and I always advise people to try something different.

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