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  • Hello all,

    If anyone has any insights that may help me sort out the below, I’d be most grateful:

    Had WP-cache installed, then installed supercache. Should have uninstalled wp-cache first – realize now it was a mistake not too!

    Anyway, I noticed that super-cache was conflicting with/somehow messing up KB Linker plug-in (preventing links from being applied) and Silas Partners Flicker gallery (interfering with that plugins caching mechanism and causing it to display random images instead of album “home”).

    Tried uninstalling supercache and removing super-cache specific code from .htaccess file, and only running WP-cache, but this caused permalinks to display blank pages on entire site.

    Left supercache-specific code in .htaccess and site went back to displayiong normally, however then WP-cache was no longer caching pages.

    Am trying to figure out what it is that I need to undo or remove here so I can go back to running just regular WP-cache and remove super-cache entirely.

    This almost certianly has something to do with the htaccess or wp-config files, and some pref that gets set in one or the other by super-cache, but fo rthe life of me i can’t figure it out.

    Has anyone else here had the same problem? How did you resolve it?


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