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  • So I have a weird case … I have NEVER installed this dudamobile plugin. I once used a Woo theme where the mobile version of the site was packaged through dudamobile. Now my site redirects to mobile.xxxx and I DO NOT WANT IT TO DO THAT.

    I’ve searched through php code, directories in the file structure, rows in the database – anything I could think of – to remove anything related to dudamobile. But my mobile site is still redirecting.

    How do I make this stop? Is there some part of the code that I’m overlooking that instructs the site to do this redirect?
    I’ve seen other posts in the support threads that discuss managing the redirect settings in the plugin, but again, I’ve never had the plugin.
    Please advise…

    Thank you

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  • DudaMobile doesn’t handle anything via WordPress directly except to hook into their API.

    You will need to manage your redirect from DudaMobile interface. Also, you might check to make sure you don’t have another plugin redirecting, .htaccess rules etc.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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