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  • I accidentally hit update file under the editor (main index template) and ruined all the coding my website developer created. How do I undo these recent updates and get it back to where it was before I ruined it?

    Amateur mistake, I know. Please help me fix this asap my website is all over the place!


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  • I’m not an expert but no-one else is biting so I’ll tell you what I do when that happens. First you need to identify which file you edited, then you need to find the original file in your theme folder (I think it will be index.php), then you need to replace the bad file with the original one using ftp or your web hosts file manager. If you had made a lot of changes to you index.php file then all of these changes will be undone using my method.

    In general, don’t edit any php files using the wordpress editor unless you are an expert, and if you must, make sure you make a copy of the file that you’re editing first so you can re-upload it via ftp if you make a mistake.

    Great advice, thanks so much for your time!!! Going to try that now, and can’t believe I forgot to copy it first. Thanks for your help again, I definitely learned my lesson to leave this to the experts 🙂

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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