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  • Uncheck the “Use the visual rich editor when writing” in your Admin, Users, Your Profile panel, at the bottom of that screen.

    For all new subsequent users, you can uncheck “Users should use the visual rich editor by default” in Admin, Options, Writing.

    The preview viewer is enabled in both WYSIWYG and HTML editors… so disabling the WYSIWIG editor won’t disable the preview viewer…

    Hrm.. yeah I didn’t think that option would do it. That preview mode is so annoying, cause it has to load the whole page to preview it and it takes too long if you gotta graphics heavy site.

    chipbennett is correct; I didn’t look far enough.

    How about a little (Little? Tiny!) plugin to handle things:

    Hide Post Preview:
    download file | view source

    Download the file, upload it to your plugins directory, activate Hide Post Preview under plugins, and…you’re done.

    That rocks my socks. Thanks.

    Wow, yeah… what he said!

    The only thing is, if I’m understanding correctly what you’re doing, the preview is still there, the display is just set to “none”?

    So, there’s no bandwidth/download/refresh time savings; it just doesn’t display?

    There is a savings in the sense that hiding the preview div keeps the browser from displaying it, so the delay caused from loading the page in the iframe is bypassed.

    The better solution would be to go into post.php and edit out the iframe. But the plugin is *a* solution, and a pretty good example (if I say so myself) of how one goes about modifying portions of their admin without editing core files.

    Interesting; so the browser doesn’t load the contents of the iframe if the iframe display is set to “none”?

    And, agreed – I definitely appreciate the elegance of the fix!

    Pretty much. Certainly the iframe is still there hidden away in the source, but as the browser is told to ignore it, it won’t make any http requests for the document and its content.

    Actually, scratch my last reply. The http requests occur, but delays relating to loading and displaying the document in the iframe don’t.



    The problem I have with your plugin is that I use a framebreaker script in my template. When you just hide the review it still breaks the frame, so no edit is possible. The only way I had was changing the source codes which would be a problem in the updates. Was interesting if there was a plugin for this.



    If you just have “frame buster” javascript code in your <head>, see this post:

    If using the Semiologic Frame Buster plugin, I believe the current version deals with this problem.



    Heyo, just to help anyone who’s searching how to turn off post preview so as to save bandwidth:

    Read the 2nd post by Podz there, works like a wonder. =)

    cool this helped me thanks

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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