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  • I have a new site at It looks great on desktop browsers but when I view it on a mobile phone – windows, apple or google – it will only display as a mobile menu. Because the theme has been customized it will not fit the mobile view and breaks. There is nothing in the theme documentation about it switching to mobile view.

    At WordPress Support/Themes/Mobile-Themes it says “If you would like to disable mobile themes on your blog, go to Appearance -> Mobile in the Dashboard and select “No” for “Enable mobile theme” option.

    My Appearance Menu doesn’t have a “Mobile” Tab so can’t turn it off that way.

    One suggestion I found was to remove all mobile styles from the CSS – tried that and still get the mobile view and still broken.

    I have a duplicate of the site on my development server and it never tries to display in mobile view: see at Everything is the exact same except it’s on another server with a different host.

    Thanks for any help,


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  • Hi have you thought of using a plugin to enable mobile device view? The plugin is wptouch

    Kind regards

    Thanks, but I don’t want it to display in mobile menu view. I want the original site displaying full size but small enough to view on a mobile phone.

    The example that works the way I want is at;

    I just want to turn off the automatic mobile menu view.


    Are you using the same theme as

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    They are as identical as I can make them – only difference is they are on different servers and hosts.

    I built it on the dev site and moved it over to the client’s site wsing a migrate plugin – the desktop version looks great but supprise, the mobile version doesn’t work the same. When I installed the theme on the client’s site I even used the same .zip file as I had on the dev site.


    What theme are you using?

    Because the theme has been customized it will not fit the mobile view and breaks.

    What has been added that is different to the one that works well in a mobile device?

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    I’m using Cloratio Pro from Ink Themes.

    I added: full width header image and fixed width content area.

    Remember, the exact same customized theme works the way I want on the dev site. It wasn’t until I moved it to the client’s site that it started automatically displaying in mobile menu view.

    I’m not interested in getting it working in mobile menu view until after I get it working in full site view.

    I just want to turn the mobile menu view off for now.


    I had a look through Ink Themes forum and many are having the same issue as you with some of the themes.

    Your best option here is to create a support ticket on the themes forum and I am sure they will assist you. This is a developers issue.

    Those who are buying the themes are requesting for a mobile on or off option on the themes.

    Kind regards

    Thanks for the research.

    Contacting Ink Themes support was my next option but wanted to see what the WordPress forums said first.

    I’ve spent much time in the Ink Themes support forums looking for the CSS code to complete my customization but somehow missed the mobile menu questions.


    Let me know when you resolve this as I am curious to know.

    Thank you


    I´m having the same problem, i want to disable the mobile version but the appearance->mobile option doesn’t exist in my dashboard.

    How did you solve it?



    Aaron and mbsolution,

    Ink Themes sent me a non-responsive version of the Cloriato Theme which solved my problem. I’ll continue to use it as my default theme on new installations until they add a way to turn it off in the admin.


    @meesha, thank you for letting us know. At least they are now aware of your request. Hopefully they will add that option on the next release of their themes.

    Kind regards

    this person has the answer on how to turn off the mobile version

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