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  1. Tasyne
    Posted 2 years ago #

    There is a conflict between PageNavi and an audio player I have. PageNavi will use AJAX techniques to download the second page, whereupon some piece of hypersecure code strips my <script> tags. This less-than-helpful functionality is not present when JS is disabled, and the <script> tags come through fine. Is there a way to disable this AJAX functionality and return the tags in the navigation back to normal? I am perfectly willing to start re-coding the thing, if I knew where to look. Output from the plugin is also sanitized in a less-than-sane manner that I wasn't able to reverse engineer in the hour I spent looking at it.

    (the drop-down menu doesn't use AJAX, and it works fine- however it is a far cry from the user-friendliness of the default nav options)

    Many thanks, Sincerely yours, I-just-need-this-to-work,



  2. Tasyne
    Posted 2 years ago #

    an update:
    I mentioned output sanitization, this is likely due to the stripslashit function, anyway. I whipped up an uncomfortable workaround, that takes the un-echo'd result of the pagenavi call, and then hunts through the anchor (href) tags, and adds some onclick code that just does a JS redirect (document.location=...) of the URL that the href tag was to begin with. When JS is disabled pagination still works, though the inclusion of my audio players obviously wont happen either.

    This would still be a good feature to 'add', by the way (the optionality of using AJAX). I never found the JS code that handles the AJAX call, but I didn't see that wordpress' functionality included AJAX pagination either, so where is the magic?

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