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  • Plugin Author Alessandro Senese


    if you use the function “wp_nav_menu” items should be translated automatically.
    If that doesn’t happen, you can use the function “cml_get_menu()” for get which menu to show.


    $menu = cml_get_menu();
    wp_nav_menu(array(‘theme_location’ => $menu));

    I have problem with starting, i managed to chose the languages English, Indonesian.
    But then noting i cant see flags in my menu, i cant even use widget.
    my web page is
    please help me.
    P.S. i watched tutorial if u can make step by step one would be really nice thanks.

    Plugin Author Alessandro Senese


    If you want show available languages in you site you must edit your theme and add manually this function:

    <?php cml_show_langs() ?>

    I know it is not easy to do for beginner, but I’m working on next release and you can:

    1. Add flags in a float div and specify position via CSS
    2. Add language chooser to menu

    The next version will be available in a few days, I think Tuesday.

    Contact me if you need more help 🙂

    Where should I add this code ? :

    $menu = cml_get_menu();
    wp_nav_menu(array(‘theme_location’ => $menu));

    Plugin Author Alessandro Senese


    I need more info.

    Which is theme and which is the “custom menu widget” that are you using?

    For @skublaka

    with version 1.0 you can add flags also to menu, the options are available in settings page.

    The them is responsive, widget menus sorry i did not understand.
    Did you ment all widget that i am using or the menu i created ?
    I just inserted langues i wish to have English and Indonesian,
    Next step i am to totally confused what to do.

    Plugin Author Alessandro Senese


    Hi, skublaka
    first part of my last message isn’t for you but for ProgenicRo :).

    If you want to show flags in your menu, you must enable option in “Settings” page of my plugin.
    The option is “Add flags to menu:”

    Let me know if you need more help 🙂

    Hi there.
    I use Gantry Framework, and the Custom menu widget is actually Gantry Menu Widget, is a bit modified..

    Thanks in advance.

    yes i want to know how to make a translation page for example.
    if i want to translate english, serbian ….
    hello is zdravo i wish to that be on my page if i click the falag plese can u make tutorial how to make a multylangage page step by step thank you

    Plugin Author Alessandro Senese


    For ProgenicRo, please contact me here:

    For skublaka.
    Here you can find the videotutorial:
    In the video I have used an old version of plugin because now when you choose to translate an post or page you must assign corrent language in the field:

    “Language of this post” or “Language of this page”…

    in the next few days I will update the tutorial and videos.
    If you need help you can contact me here:

    Plugin Author Alessandro Senese


    If you use Gantry Menu Widget:

    1) you must create a menu for each language.
    2) you must edit the file “plugins/gantry/widgets/menu.php”. Replace the function “initializeMenu” with this:

    protected function initializeMenu($instance = null)
                    $menu = null;
                    if (null == $instance) {
                            $instance = $this->getInstance();
                    if (array_key_exists("nav_menu", $instance) && function_exists('cml_get_menu_name')) {
                      $nav_menu = cml_get_menu_name($instance['nam_menu']);
                      $instance['nav_menu'] = $nav_menu;
                    if (array_key_exists($instance['theme'], self::$themes)) {
                            $theme_info = self::$themes[$instance['theme']];
                            $theme      = new $theme_info['class'];
                            $menu       = new GantryMenu($theme, $instance);
                    } else {
                            $this->error_message = _g('MISSING_MENU_THEME_MESSAGE');
                    return $menu;

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    Now all works correctly 🙂

    Hello Alessandro,
    Plugin through ceceppa Multilingua I can not figure out to translate featured posts.
    Can you help me, if you have any ideas?

    Best Regards,

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