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  1. Vahan4033
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hi I am new in wordpress, and need a multilingual site and need a HELP.
    I will be very appreciate if someone will help me.
    I am currently use xili-language plugin:

    I have two lang. rus. and eng.: When I click flag button almost all work correctly with exception of calendar widget. It doesn't translate and remains in English. I tried add the translation to the theme(twentyten) translation but it doesn't help.

    How can I translate it?

    I also tried grub the translation from core ru_RU.po file and add to the theme.

  2. Michel - xiligroup dev
    Posted 4 years ago #

    front-end side of calendar default plugin texts are depending from the WP core and WP_locale. So these texts are depending from the backend language (admin dashboard). Next version (2.4) of xili-language will offer a solution to "adapt" the front-end texts of plugins using wp_locale class to the current language context of multilingual website..
    Be patient... the tests are on roadmap.

    Don't hesitate to visit http://forum2.dev.xiligroup.com

  3. olvinabarca
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I downloaded wordpress 3 in Spanish from es.wordpress.org and part of the menues at the admin panel are in Spanish while the rest is still in English. I dont get it given that I downloaded the Spanish version of it. How can I translate it myself, what translation file do I need to modify?

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