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  • Hi tried to transfer my domain name from to, and to do so changed the name server to bluehost so i can self-host. A message then came up saying I couldn’t do it yet because i’ve only have my domain name for about a month and I need to wait another 37 days before I can do it. Anyway when I went to my blog site its not coming up. I logged into bluehost to see if the domain was there to try change the name servers back to wordpress but it didn’t exist. I then went to wordpress to see if I could change it there and it wasnt listed under my domains. So now it’s just been left somewhere and I can’t find it. Can you help me?

    The blog I need help with is, but its registered wordpress link is

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  • Your domain name seems to be correctly set to BlueHost already – I get a BlueHost page at that domain name. But it can take up to 72 hours for that change to fully take effect – when did you change the nameservers?

    Also, make sure you have cleared your browser cache and cookies.

    BTW, changing the registration is not the same as the nameserver settings.

    Have you installed WordPress on your BlueHost site?

    Thanks for your quick reply. I only changed the name servers today but it said that it wasn’t possible because its a newly registered domain. So because its different, does this mean that I can still host with blue host although its a new domain??

    I have another self-hosted blog with bluehost so I downloaded WP and installed it. When i tried it for, it wasn’t possible because the domain name is not listed under my bluehost account, even though I changed the named server on WP.

    Registration is not the same as the nameserver settings. You cannot move the registration, but you CAN change the nameservers – and they HAVE been changed – see:

    Do you see the bluehost page here:

    Thanks so much, Bluehost were saying its not on their records. I will show this to them so they can see

    It may just be that it had no propagated there yet. Or they were referring to registration which isn’t the same as nameserver settings. But yes, see if they can help you further.

    Yikes all my content has been lost, i just thought i was transferring the name server, didnt think id lose all my content. is there anyway to get it back?

    What do you mean? Did you export it from your WordPress.COM site? Perhaps you need to see:

    Unless you’ve deleted your site on WordPress.COM, the content should all be there – even if you can’t get to it via your domain name.

    But for help with accessing your WordPress.COM site or contents, you’ll need to ask on the .COM forums.

    No I didn’t delete the site, just transferred the domain name. I’ll contact wordpress.COM. thanks a ton

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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