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  • I built my entire website online at one url and was told by GoDaddy that it’s just a swift change to move it to another url. Well, of course they messed it up. Now, I’ve lost some data but I’m not sure I’ve lost it all. I have all of these files and I’m not sure what to do with them. If I don’t have the database, is it all just non-sense and I should just start over?

    I’ve learned my lesson and installed an automated backup now!!

    I’m not a programmer so please be gentle with me 🙂

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  • It is not difficult to change the site URL. You should not have lost any data. You would just have to change the URL’s in Settings > General, park your old domain name or make it redirect to the new one, and point the new domain name to the folder that WordPress is in. After that you have to make sure that a few things are correct in the Settings like your uploads directory, directories that any plugins create files in, etc.

    What is happening when you enter the new or old URL?

    Thank you for your quick reply Joans! I should have come here for the move instead of calling GoDaddy!! The damage is all ready done.

    Now, I have a blank canvas. When I log into my FTP file manager (on GoDaddy’s website), the files from the built site are still there, can I move them?

    The old URL

    The new URL

    Thanks again for the help 🙂

    Oh, I should mention that the website that comes up on the isn’t the one I built! I’m replacing that one!

    You don’t need to move any files. Just enter the correct Settings and park your old domain, etc. like I said above. If the Settings are not correct, the information in the link I sent explains how to reset them. resolves fine for me. You probably have to clear your browser cache or try a different browser.

    For some reason the links in my other post didn’t show up??

    Old URL

    Your site resolves fine but there are no posts.

    If you had posts before and they appear to be gone now, my guess is that your host created a new database instead of just pointing the new domain name to the correct folder on the server.

    Since you are just moving from a sub-folder to the “root” your choices are to move the files or just point your domain name to the subfolder.

    I went to Settings > General, park your old domain name or make it redirect to the new one, and point the new domain name to the folder that WordPress is in and changed the address to and now this is what I get:

    I can’t even log into wordpress!

    IDK what you did but you never had a “new domain name”. If you did that through the GoDaddy control panel, undo it. Your site was working fine.

    It is a new URL but not a new domain name. You don’t have to park or redirect anything. If you parked your domain name you will have to point it back to your site. GoDaddy support should be able to help you with that, and that may be your best bet at this point. Once it is working again, don’t change anything.

    Ok, after about 1 1/2 hrs on the phone w/GoDaddy, I’ve got all of my files, my database is connected, so why isn’t my site up and running?

    Once it gets working again BACKUP!!!!!!! 🙂

    Once again your site resolves fine

    What is the problem at this point?

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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