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    I have a WordPress blog at a domain of my own (i.e. not hosted on, but on my private domain). What I want to do is “export” the whole thing en masse to a different domain — i.e. make a duplicate version of it, while retaining the original blog at the original domain. Is there a simple way to do this? Or do I have to start from scratch and re-install it all over again afresh at the new domain?

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  • Just for the fun of it, you might read in the documentation about moving WordPress

    (As this information is not quite complete, you might try this thread for some additional info that might come in handy.)

    OK, thanks. But now I have a new (but related) problem. I tried ftp-ing the whole WordPress directory to the new domain, but before it could complete the whole transfer, the ftp program timed out (a glitch it has sometimes) and the transfer got aborted partway through. No problem, I thought — I’ll just delete what was partly transferred, and start again, doing each file and sub-directory one at a time, so it doesn’t time out. I deleted everything in the new location. HOWEVER, one of the files won’t delete — the ftp program gives an error message that says “550 Prohibited filename: .pureftpd-upload.47acd3e9.15.7cd2.c9e2f76b. Error 550.” No matter what I do, it won’t delete this file, or any of the directories it’s nested in. How can I delete this file? And no, it won’t let me change its name — I get the same error if I try. Ugh.

    Ahhh, cancel that last question. I was finally able to delete to entire directory and everything inside it. Now I’ll start again. I’ll come back if I have more questions. Thanks.

    OK, I got the new blog started. Thanks! I have a new, different problem, but I’ll just start a new question for that.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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