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  • I no longer have access to the server where my blog was previously hosted. I was able to download all WordPress files and now have them on my own computer. Can anyone help me figure out how to upload all of these files so my blog is up again on my new server? I understand that traditionally one should export their blog from their WordPress dashboard, but I don’t have access to the dashboard any longer.

    Very confused over here.

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  • Do you still have access to your old database? If not, I’m afraid you’ve lost all your posts and pages.

    What do you mean database? I have all of my wp-content and wp-includes files and folders. Basically everything. How would I access the database?

    The database is a collection of tables where all the content and settings are stored. It’s not stored as one of the files you can access.

    The only useful things from your files and folders are the theme, plugins and uploads.

    Contact your previous hosts and ask them if they still have a backup copy of your database.

    I think I have access to where that backup copy would be stored. What type of file am I looking for? What’s the extension?

    That depends on the database configuration. It might be .MYI, .MYD, .frm. You’ll need all 3 types.

    Look in the MySQL data directory. Again, where that is depends on how the server was setup.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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