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  • I want to be able to track conversions from a PPC program that drives traffic to my blog. This is NOT the AdSense program, but a standard AdWords campaign.

    The way this works is that you place JavaScript on the “thank you page” which Google then records as a conversion.

    I’d like to be able to set up a page (I already know how to “hide” it from displaying in my theme) as the landing page. On this page, I need to be able to fill in a form. Clicking a button on that form would then display a SECOND hidden page that contains the Google JavaScript conversion recording code.

    I’ve tried Dagon’s really cool plug-in, and it’s perfect, except that it displays the SAME URL after you submit the form.

    If you have the JavaScript on this page, Google thinks 100% of your clicks converted. (I only wish it were so.)

    Thanks for pointers to forms plugins that allow you specify a response page.

    (I tried changing Dagon’s system but am not a PHP coder, so I gave up.)

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  • I’m confused. You want to track people arriving via AdWords? Or, you want to track them through some process (say, an order), so as to tag that as a conversion? (that is, converted the ppc into an ‘order’..)

    If you just want to track ‘landings’, referrer tracking would do the job, or tracking via custom landing in the URL.

    If you need to have someone come to your site, and THEN execute some JS, you need to define the ‘flow’ — as I don’t understand what you are ‘converting’…


    This is exactly the same problem I have. Perhaps there is another page tracking system specifically for WordPress. I will keep looking, although using the Adwords tracking system would make seeing the cost per response a lot easier.

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