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    Just upgraded to 2.2 and I like what I see so far (although you can count me among those who are not fond of widgetized everything).

    That said, I like just about everything about this release with one major exception — the inline previews requiring me to now click a link to open a new window just to preview the edits I am making.

    I would certainly hope this is an option that I can turn off and restore inline previews and that I am just not seeing where to turn inline previews back on.

    Can someone **please** tell me how to return the inline previews on the write/edit screen so that I don’t have to keep opening a second window just to see what my edit looks like?

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  • Seriously, am I the only one who thinks this is a real hindrance to now have to switch back and forth between two windows just to see a preview of edits?

    If no one knows where I can turn inline previews back on, can someone point me to a plugin that restores inline preview functionality? Or even point me to the file and code to edit to turn it back on? This switching between two windows is getting old, real fast for multiple edits on posts.

    Topic is resolved. I simply compared wp-admin/post.php from version 2.13 and version 2.2 and added back the preview code myself. (Lines 69 to 74).

    To the developers, you really should consider making the previews an option. Being forced to switch between windows to preview edits quickly became an exercise in frustration when having to perform multiple edits/previews on a post, whereas previous versions allowed a quick preview of edits on the same page, thus increasing efficiency quite a lot.

    One of the strengths of WordPress has always been that it gives it’s users the freedom to choose which options they want or don’t want. I’d like to think this was merely an oversight in not making this an option and hope to see it as an option in the next release so that I won’t have to keep editing the code to put it back in.

    Thanks. Issue is resolved (for me, now that I know which file to edit and the code that was taken out).

    Just for continuity, here’s the trac changeset where that change happened:

    I agree, I can’t stand having to open a new window.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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