• Ambyomoron


    I make it a practice to test all plugin updates before deploying them in production. But I don’t know how I can test the honeypot using the pages one can see on the web (which is the whole point, I suppose). Nonetheless, do you have a suggestion for how a non-developer could make a test to ensure that the plugin is working?

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  • Plugin Author Ryan


    Basically, to test the field you simply need to reveal the field by disabling the CSS rules that are hiding it. To do so, add the honeypot field to a form and then load the page with your form on it in your browser.

    Select a field in the form near where you placed the honeypot field, right-click and select “Inspect” or “Inspect Element” (it differs from browser to browser, but all browsers have this feature). In the pane that pops up, find the honeypot HTML wrapper element (it should be relatively nearby the element you selected). Click to select it, and then in the CSS pane disable the rules: display: none !important; visibility: hidden !important;

    Once the field is revealed, stick some text in the field and try to submit the form. It should fail.

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