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  • I want to setup a new template without having to take down my current blog. What’s the best way to do that? I was just creating another folder — wp_test and trying to test the Trident template, but for some reason it was being interfered with my current CSS or something like that. Read here :
    Anyway – what’s the best way of testing new templates without it having any problems with the current wp blog?
    Any suggestions will be useful.
    Thank you.

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  • upload the customised index.php as maybe test.php it well atleast show you the homepage content 🙂

    You could upload to the same dir as index2 and wp-layout2. You would need to edit the @ import but that would work. Alternatively do another WP install. It takes 90 seconds. 🙂

    How come you didn’t think about that :
    1) generate the index page of your current layout.
    2) copy the source and save it as whatever you like on your desktop.
    3) open the source of this locally saved html page and replace the CSS link by the one you’d like to test.
    4) Save and load in your prefered browser(s).

    If it’s just css you want to edit, use firefox and download the webdeveloper extension and test your css in real time, live on your site (or any other) it won’t help with other browser testing but it’s incredibly useful generally.

    It sounds like Poons wants to test a template, not just CSS.
    I’d reccommend making a backup of the template. If you’re working directly in the WP-admin environment, copy & paste into a text editor, & save locally.
    Fiddle with your new template for a while. If it’s a hopeless mess (oh, how familiar that is!), copy & paste your local copy back into the template screen.
    Backups are nice to have around, no matter what….
    But that doesn’t solve the “without having to take down my current blog” condition, does it?
    In which case, I’d go with Sushubh’s suggestion of uploading it as an alternate name & only being able to look at main page.

    Thanks – I was doing what Sushubh was saying and naming my new template/layout as wp_test.php, but then i was hving the problem that Root was saying about the import url.
    Is that due to the fact that my base href is (my current blog)? So would I have to get rid of that?
    I wasn’t able to fix the import url thing so that’s why I thought maybe there were alternative ideas.

    To keep it simple the test index needs to go in the same directory. Then where there is @ import etc just change it to say wp-layout2.css. That should work barring typos.

    Great guys! Thanks! I got it to work. Now just got to customize it. Really appreciate all of your help!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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