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    The concept is great. Having the ability to block certain countries seeing the Front or even better the Back end (wp-login) section is another layer of security I like.

    However, I am still getting email alerts form a security plugin (Wordfence) advising me of attempted login failures (11 last hour).
    IP2Location plugin is set so the only allowed Country is Australia 🙂 But I still see IPs from all other countries.

    The plugin wasn’t able to download the Bin database file from within the plugin settings section. It just reported an “error’ in a popup box.

    So I had to subscribe for the Free DBLite version and manually rename it to .bin and upload it to the directory as per the Installation instructions.

    How can I Test if this plugin is working or if it’s a limitation of the free LITE Database Bin file?


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    Can you use the lookup feature on the settings page, to query the IPs for the country? This is a way to test the IP address and the associated country.

    We will investigate again the download issue, and shall update you again on this.

    I’ve Tested a number of IPs on both the Settings page and from other online sites. All show the tested IPs are from countries that have been selected.

    I’m not getting any notification of Ip2Location plugin advising any IPs had been blocked. (Checked Spam box too) and Should have been blocked as the 1st is from Germany and 2nd Peru. However since these IPs had tried to log into the back-end and thankfully failed the Security plugin (Wordfence) sent me an email advising of the attempt and it also blocked them for 60 days.

    Ideally, I’m hoping Ip2Location plugin would block selected countries in being able to get to the back-end.

    One thing I did notice lately, if I Open the Original BIN file that gets installed with the plugin, it looks (in format) completely different to the DBLite BIN file that has been downloaded manually from the website. I can only Guess, the format of the BIN file may be an issue?

    The 1st line of the orginal BIN file looks like :
     (non standard asci – won’t show in post)
    The 1st line of the Updated BIN file looks like:


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    I’m not able to reproduce your problem from my side. Can I know your WordPress version and the IP address?

    An email has been sent to with details to a Test Site.

    I see an update has been released, so I’ll update to that.

    When ip2location plugin is installed via WordPress, it is installed to:
    However the instructions say to “Create ip2location folder in the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.”

    So will the Plugin Directory need Both ‘ip2location-country-blocker’ and ‘ip2locations’ directories?


    Plugin Author ip2location


    Thanks for pointing this out. You only need one folder called ‘ip2location-country-blocker’ if you plan to install the plugin manually.

    I had updated the installation procedures. I will close the ticket here, and let’s assist you via the support email.

    1. A month later and somewhat expected – no support response.
    2. The Plugin still fails to update the database.
    3. Downloading the and uploading the updated database.bin still indicates the database is outdated O_o!

    3.5 …And to top it off – Blocked countries IP’s are still gaining access to the backend… Lots of em.

    Uninstalled, and tightened up the excellent Wordfence Security plugin .

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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