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  • History: The company I work for used to run their blog on, now it’s run through I have limited access and can post new articles, edit existing ones and do anything html-related inside the content boxes but I have no access to adding/removing plugins etc.

    Question: I current have email notifications set up so my subscribers are notified whenever I post something. I’m attempting to add several blog postings that won’t be relevant to all subscribers and I don’t want to spam their email accounts. This is also something I’m going to be doing every month. Sounds like a simple problem, but I don’t have full access to WP. IT had to set up email subscriptions and now they are too busy to solve this problem. Ideally I’d like a button that can toggle email notification on and off, but I don’t have one. I’ve tried submitting as private then making public and that doesn’t work. I’ve tried backlogging posts and that doesn’t work. I’ve checked every option I have access to and can’t find where I can turn off email notifications. Does anyone have a solution to this problem without having to contact IT?

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  • I don’t think so.

    WordPress doesn’t have subscriptions/email notifications built in – so it’s done with a plugin. Perhaps Jetpack or somesuch.

    But if you can’t get into the plugins, you can’t modify the behaviour of said plugins

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