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  • I have recently upgraded from Legacy 2.0.11 to 2.8.4

    Some of the database tables are in UTF-8 and some are in latin1_swedish_ci. Unfortunately, I can’t simply change them to utf-8; it turns out I only know enough about SQL to get myself in trouble.

    Alas, “Converting Database Character Sets” in the wordpress codex is not written in English (no offense intended) except for this phrase in the opening paragraph: “character set conversion is not a simple process”. Luckily, someone has attempted a translation offsite. In the Guide to Convert WordPress Database Character Set to UTF-8, it says:

    Ensure that your post_content and post title fields on wp_posts table DOES NOT belongs to any indexes or FULLTEXT indexes. Else the type of the fields may not be converted to BLOB with one of the errors list below. Some plugins, such as related posts tend to add indexes to these fields. In this case, temporarily drop the indexes.

    I’ve asked the following question in forum, but the thread is dated 2007, so the question may be overlooked. I hope that one of you knows the answer.

    Could someone please spell out what to look for to find out if fields belong to indexes or FULLTEXT indexes?

    Thank you.

    EMorris wp2.8.4 firefox WinXP

    (I am reluctant to simply dive in and hope for the best, having already restored wordpress from a backup yesterday after a disastrous result from running the wordpress plugin to Convert WordPress Database Character Set – thank goodness for and copies of database backups kept in separate folders!)

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  • (Excuse me for replying to myself.)

    RATS!! I stared at various pages about FULLTEXT indexes and then decided to just go ahead and try following the steps at

    After dealing (not without some difficulty) with several sql errors, I finally had all the tables in utf-8. I undid the “maintenance mode” page. Alas, all posts were truncated anywhere that there had been an extended character.

    I restored the database to the previous version. The Âs that I had used the “search and replace” plugin had reared their ugly heads again. All the tables (except 3) are once again in latin1-swedish-ci collation.

    Sigh. Back to the drawing board….

    Any suggestions for how to get all the database tables in utf-8 without causing explosions would be most welcome.

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