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  • wrightcreationsuk


    I’m wondering if there is an easy way of finding out which pages are a part of uninstalled plugins. I have some random pages that I don’t want to just delete in case an active plugin is using them. Sometimes if I install a plugin to check it out it creates its’ own pages and doesn’t delete them when I uninstall the plugin.

    So does anyone know of an at a glance way of checking each page?

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  • Joy


    Usually if a plugin makes a page, it has a shortcode in it.
    You can use the AMR Shortcodes plugin to determine which shortcodes are available and on what pages.
    Install the plugin and go to Tools > Shortcodes where there will be a tab labeled “Posts & pages using shortcodes”. It shows the shortcode used and whether that shortcode is registered or not.
    I suppose there might be another plugin to do this same thing for blocks now.

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