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    Hello Widget Context Support,

    I’ve created a widget that shows a header image from a series on each page view. Now I want to show a specific image on the home page, so I don’t want that random image widget to appear on the home page.

    I’m trying to use Widget Context plugin to “hide widget on selected” but what do I put for the selected URL? “/” doesn’t work, the full URL of the home page doesn’t work — https://wciv.eliza.tech in this case — fails with OR without the trailing slash.

    Note, the page I want to target, is designated as the “front page” in WordPress.

    What to do?

    I know Widget Context is working to “hide widget on selected” if I set a different URL that has a permalink, such as “product-category/classes.”

    Widget Context has worked well for me on a few other websites, but I have not needed to select the website’s home page specifically before. Please help!

    –Carol Mattsson
    Web Developer

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    There is a “Front page” option under the Global Sections which should apply only to the homepage.

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    Hi Kaspar,

    Thanks a bunch for explaining. Yes, after looking around I DID find that option. I set my home page image widget to appear ONLY on the front-page and set my random image widget to appear everywhere BUT the home page. That is good enough for now.

    Food for thought, I tried using Widget Context, by URL settings, to target Woocommerce pages, URLs such as “product-category/classes/*” and the widget would just not appear. Not for “classes/*” either. The site us using StoreFront theme, at WordPress version 5.8.2. These sorts of URL targets work great at the other website where I use Widget Context extensively.

    I may repost this problem on its own thread in the future when I’m ready to debug it further, but for now I’m happy to know you do answer questions at this forum. Thank you for providing the Widget Context plugin Kaspar!

    Carol Mattsson
    Web developer

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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