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    WORD is nifty for endnote superscript in text – click that and you are taken to the end listing of citations. Plus it has reversibility.

    Other than placing the whole citation by hand in the text is there an automated way or an ease tip to get the WORD endnotes into their place in the text for the endnote <ref></ref>.

    No site yet – planning stage – I do like the side-matter plug-in idea, especially for my purposes writing revolutionary history where everyone and his brother will want to know right off from whence the info came. Like each sentence has a citation, just about. The work is massive. I dread the idea of doing it by hand.

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  • Plugin Author setzer


    Pirate Jenny,

    I think you can avoid doing it by hand. My suggestion is to use a Word macro that converts the endnotes in your documents to inline text and wraps them in Side Matter’s [ref] tags. From there, you could use the ‘Paste from Word’ button in WP’s Visual Editor.

    This should be fairly straightforward even if you’re not familiar with Word macros. A Google search for ‘word macro convert endnotes to inline text’ turns up a number of user-written macros you could use as a base. This one would be a great place to start. Changing the 4 lines that read

    Selection.Text = "<" + szFootNoteText + ">"
    Selection.Font.Bold = wdToggle


    Selection.Text = "[ref]" + szFootNoteText + "[/ref]"

    should make it work with Side Matter.

    Not sure if it matters to Word whether your citations are configured as footnotes or endnotes — if it does, you may need to convert them to footnotes before running that particular macro.

    Setzer –

    First off let me thank you for responding.

    I’ve worked on this for four hours – mind you (1) never written a macro or worked with Visual Basic before; (2) self-taught the little code I know. I was able to learn Draft mode and change endnotes to footnotes. Even with this, people were using the official Endnote program causing me search confusions. I learned how to show the Developer button. I suspected getting into a sidematter macro universally was going to get me into trouble so I did not go there.

    I did the “Hello World” macro some kind soul explained quite clearly and I ran it successfully. In a trial project file, I think I put in Selection.text = “[ref]” + szFootNoteText + “[/ref]” but then a msg “can’t execute code in break mode” threw me for a loop [and msgs showing up as if I did not delete enough.

    The result is I am leaving the effort as failed. Might there be some nifty plug-in would do the same thing for us auto-didacts with big holes in their knowledge?

    Plugin Author setzer


    Sorry to hear that didn’t work. Reproducing Word formatting on the Web is a real headache, and I can’t even guess at the complications EndNote would add.

    I’d like to help more, but my own knowledge of macros/Word batch-editing is not vast. You might try asking about this at a forum dedicated to Word questions and support — lots of experts out there who might volunteer to write you a script.

    I do think a Word macro is still your best shot — certainly preferable to doing it all manually. I don’t think there’s a WordPress plugin out there that can readily manipulate your post content in this way, at least right now.

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