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    I’m a total newbie to blogging and have no experience with code, but I am willing to learn.

    I want to replace the main image at the top of my client’s blog ( which is based on Black Wood 0.1 by Myroha.

    I have created a new jpg image of the exact size as the one that is currently there (it’s the cloesup of wood at the top of the page)to replace it.

    Can anyone walk me through this in baby steps?

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  • If the image is the same size (dimensions), why not just name the file the same and over-write the original (backing up the original first of course)…

    Seems like the easiest approach.

    I have created a new jpg image of the exact size as the one that is currently there

    Rename the existing photo (that you want to replace). Just add a .bak extension to it and leave it where it is. Now name your new photo exactly what the old one was named. Upload your new image to the folder where the original image resides. Refresh your browser (may require a “Control + F5” to reload from the server, or you may have to clear your browser cache and then load the site again.


    sorry about that t31os. I should have refreshed the page first.

    Thanks for the responses. I get where you are heading, but again, you assume I even know how and where to find the original file. Can someone please walk me through this in more of a blog 101 fashion. I’d appreciate it.


    The image is currently here..

    Can i assume then that you have no idea how to use FTP, if you do, then the above should be sufficient information on the image location…

    If you don’t how to use FTP, or a cpanel File Manager then you can refer to any one of hundreds of guides around the web…

    If the client has access to their FTP and they know how to use it, i would think it safer to let the client access the FTP and do the over-writing with the image.

    Hi t31os –

    Yes I do know hoe to use an FTP. I’ll try to follow your instructions above. Wish me luck. I hope I don’t break anything.

    t31os – thanks – I found it and figured it out. It would have helped if the designer would have named it something a bit more descriptive though. Like “header image” or “wood closeup” instead it was just called “image.jpg”


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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