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  • There are a few pages/posts that I’d like to revert from Elementor back to Gutenberg. The problem is that once a page/post has been saved in Elementor it can’t be edited in Gutenberg anymore.

    Is there a way to re-enable Gutenberg for an Elementor page/post? It’s OK if it’s a hack, and it’s also OK if the Elementor content gets lost in the process.

    What’s important is that the page/post slug (links) and attached media (as well as their slugs/links) are retained.

    Elementor versions in use are: Elementor 3.2.5 and Elementor Pro 3.3.0 (both the most recent versions at the time of writing).

    Any ideas how to re-enable Gutenberg for a single Elementor post/page are very much appreciated. Thank you.

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  • I think it depends on the page contents. Some Elementor-specific blocks may appear strange when switching back to Gutenberg, while others may appear perfectly fine.

    As an example, I just disabled Elementor for now, since the last update broke our site.
    We only have a few loose pages built with Elementor, and they have some simple contents. A few sections with text and images. They appear in a vertical format now the plugin is disabled, instead of a nice formatted table.

    Anyway, you can go to the posts or pages list, and instead of clicking “Edit with Elementor” just edit with the default editor. It should convert to a readable format, but then again, will depend on the page or post content, if is it complex with many sections and tables, or more subtle.


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    Interesting that the content remains, that could save a lot of work. Thanks for sharing this. I haven’t tried to disable Elementor completely, as it would cause way too much damage.

    The problem is that Gutenberg is inaccessible if the Elementor Plugins are running. I.e. the white box containing the blue “Edit with Elementor” button is covering/blocking any access to Gutenberg. I’m looking for a way to get rid of the box. Ideally without completely disabling Elementor.

    Any ideas how to make Gutenberg accessible again are welcome.
    Thank you.

    You mean you don’t have the top button “back to editor” or something? This should appear on the top of the screen when viewing the default editor.

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    There’s this big white “Back to WordPress Editor” button at the top of the page. It takes the Elementor post/page and gets it into Gutenberg. Somehow I managed to overlook it though.

    Excuse me. Thanks for your help!

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