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  1. lifechange
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi erverybody,

    after clearing a lot of issues with the "follow" - plugin, I am finally stuck with one task:

    There is an option to show a checkbox below the comment-form of a post/page, which enables the comment-poster to register as a follower. (or this is, what I think that it should do when activated in "options").

    I managed to get that checkbox displayed but on checking it, the comment-posters email is not entered to the subscribers list.

    I browsed through the code and found out that this checkbox creates a comment-meta entry for each comment, which is called "s2_comment_request".

    Then there is the "function comment_status", which does something with this comment-meta-data, but I didn't figure out, what exactly it does.

    But one things's for sure: This function DOES NOT subsribe the comment-posters email adress to the followers-list. But that's actually what it is supposed to do in my opinion.

    Anyone who can help me with that? Many thanks in advance.

    Greetz, Hannes

    PS.: Haven't heard from Aditya for some while, when looking at this forum and his twitter-channel. I hope he's still with us. Maybe some of you guys know, what happened to him.


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