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  • In comments.php page there is only next for the comment list:

    <ol class="commentlist">
    	<?php wp_list_comments(); ?>

    How do I style this? Can anyone give me the link to the docs? I don’t find them. Thanks.

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  • Moderator Jose Castaneda



    How I learned was looking at the way the default twenty twelve does it. It uses a callback to a function.
    <?php wp_list_comments( array( 'callback' => 'custom_comments' ) ); ?>
    Where ‘custom_comments’ is the name of your function for styling.

    function custom_comments( $comment, $args, $depth ){
      // The code for your custom comment styling

    Hope that helps. 🙂



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    use a browser inspection tool (such as Firebug) to investigate the html and css structure of the comment list output in the browser, and use css to format it.

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